Our mission is to create unparalleled clinical simulation for healthcare training

Combining technology, clinical education and product design.

Our Story

Our story started when our co-founders were final year medical students. It was in April 2017 when they were preparing for their OSCE exams. The met up as part of their OSCE group and practiced OSCE exams on each other through role play.

Although they had been doing it for years, they knew that role play wasn’t very efficient, there was significant human error when giving feedback and it was only as good as their combined medical knowledge i.e. it was not senior led. In addition, finding patients with real clinical signs was difficult and depended on factors such as being in the right place at the right time. The same was true while they were working as doctors, sometimes patients with interesting but rare presentations would come into hospital but unless you happened to be the one seeing them they only way you would learn is from a case report. What if there was a way to recreate any patient for anyone to access and use to develop their clinical skills with.

Thus OSCE AI was born where we try to create AI simulations which users can use to develop their skills as a clinician in a safe and risk free environment. 

The Team

A diverse team of doctors, software engineers and designers committed to driving our mission and transforming clinical education.

Dr Umair Mughal

CEO & Co-founder

Dr Mohammed Muntasir

CPO & Co-founder

Yuri Aung

Head of Chatbot Development

Dr Chantal Liu

Head of Marketing

Aqeel Raza