Take your clinical skills to the next level with OSCE AI

Our free to use platform brings real patients to life, so you can learn in a safe and risk free environment.

Real patients brought to life with AI

Our patients can be spoken to, examined, investigated and managed. The simulations are based on real patients with true stories. We've recreated these patients for you to practice with in a convenient and safe way. At the end of each simulation, we provide instant AI generated feedback so that you can learn for your mistakes and continue to improve.

Take a medical history

Take a medical history from our AI simulated patients just as you would take a history from a normal patient.

Examine your patient

The next step is to examine your patient. Perform general as well as case specific examinations and pick up the clinical signs.

Investigate and manage

Finally you need to investigate and manage your patient. Once you've done this you're ready for your feedback!

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Available to use for free!

Our beta version, which includes history taking, is available on Android and iOS to download and use completely free of charge. We would be really grateful if you could help OSCE AI grow and refer the app to as many friends as possible so that more people can benefit from it.