AI based simulation technology designed to meet modern healthcare training needs

OSCE AI’s simulation platform helps you to train your students and staff at lower costs to improve training outcomes.

We understand that training your students and staff to the highest calibre is a priority for you

For many healthcare students and staff (medical/nursing/pharmacy etc) getting adequate exposure to patients with different health conditions and clinical presentations can be challenging. Peer to peer role play and consultant led teaching has it’s limitations e.g. ease of access, quality and variability of feedback, inability to train remotely, etc.

Building experience through learning and reflecting on real life patient encounters has been proven to be most effective when developing clinical skill. However often times patients with true clinical signs and varying presentations are hard to come by for students and healthcare staff. 

An Innovative Solution

At OSCE AI we aim to make it possible to recreate real patients with artificial intelligence for healthcare staff and students to gain clinical experience in a safe and accessible way. A doctor could write a case report about a clinically challenging patient and then recreate it with AI for his colleagues to train with.

True patient simulation

Take a history, examine, investigate and manage an AI patient. Our patients are based on real clinical encounters.

Design your own patients

From the simulation to the mark scheme and feedback, you can create simulations that align with your teaching requirements.

Track user progress

Use a dashboard to monitor the performance of your users over time giving you greater insight into their specific learning needs.

Complete access anywhere, anytime

Our simulations are designed to be deployed on smartphones, so that our users can practice wherever they are, whenever they want. All you need is a smartphone and access to the internet. No additional equipment costs, all of our software exists in secure cloud based servers.

Want to find out more?

We're really passionate about education and healthcare and are excited to partner with new institutions, working together to train the next generation of healthcare professionals. Whether you have a few questions or would like a full demo, drop us a line and we'll get back to you.