Training healthcare professionals with artificial intelligence

AI powered simulation.

The world's first clinical simulation technology powered by AI.

Imagine being able to recreate real patient encounters with AI that respond to you the same way a real patient would. At OSCE AI we have made this possible through machine learning and artificial intelligence. These simulations can then be used to provide clinical training to healthcare staff who can improve their clinical skills remotely and safely, reducing risk to both the patient and clinician.

AI Simulated Patients

Develop your clinical skills at your own own pace by working your way through our AI simulations. These simulations are based on real patient encounters.

Personalised Feedback

Receive instant feedback on your performance. Our feedback focusses in concept based learning allowing you to retain key information and learn faster.

Gamified Learning Process

We have incorporated key elements of game development into our platform allowing you to enjoy the simulation experience and maximise your learning.

Gold medallists at the Healthcare Leadership Academy Annual Conference 2020

Powered by Google

Our AI is powered by Google's state of the art machine learning software. It means we are confident that we can provide you with the latest in artificial intelligence software with unparalleled natural language processing capabilities. We're so confident we've even embedded one of our history taking simulations below for you to try out...

Say hello to Jannet...

Jannet is a 27 year old woman who has presented to her doctor with a headache. Proceed to take a full history.

You can ask questions that you would ask any patient when taking a history e.g. “When did the headache start”, “has it been getting worse” etc.

Use the enter key  to submit questions.

Can you figure out her diagnosis? Download our app and find out what was causing her headache!

The more you use it,

The more intelligent it gets.

Our AI is constantly being improved through supervised machine learning. That means as we grow our users, the simulations become more and more realistic. In addition this enables us to provide pinpoint feedback enabling our users to identify their strengths and weaknesses down to the most minute detail.

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And we've only just started...

COVID - 19

Unlimited access to our mobile apps.

During this pandemic a large number of medical & nursing schools have been forced to cancel end of year assessments and curb in hospital training. For academic institutions and students this has caused significant interruption in clinical training and assessment. As a result we have decided to prematurely release a beta version of our mobile app with unrestricted access to all our cases for free. Our aim is to enable you to continue to develop your clinical skills safely and remotely. Our apps can be downloaded from the App store and Google Play store.

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